Relax in our wellness oasis

Sauna, whirlpool and steam bath
in our new Residence in Ortisei


Warmth is an essential and beneficial fundamental element of wellness, promoting healing and full body relaxation. Combine this with the contrast of cooling off immediately after the sauna give the most benefits. The word sauna is actually a Finnish word that translates as bath, and existed long before running hot water.
In short the sauna is an alternating bath: warming up in hot, dry air in the sauna cabin, and then cooling down again with outside air or cold water.


Warm water at body temperature, set in swirling motion by many massage jets, massages and caresses the whole body, relaxes nerves, activates muscles, and gets the circulation going. After stress and tension, bathing in the whirlpool enhances fitness and a good mood.
Our Whirlpool optimally meet all the requirements for this: a good flow of water and freedom of movement, achieving a full-body massage thanks to a fully integrated air bubble system. Powerful air-water massage where you need it.

Steam bath

The steam bath is a pleasant sweat bath with a sauna-like effect, at temperatures of 40 to 50 °C and a humidity of almost 100%. This creates ideal conditions for physical regeneration. The body's temperature and circulatory regulation is stimulated, and resistance to catching a cold is increased. During the steam bath, your airways are gently freed up, which can be further enhanced by the addition of essential oils and after the skin is deep cleaned and detoxified.

Today, steam bathing has become a crowd-puller in spa facilities due to its recognized health benefits.

Wellness oasis

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